In Memory of Frank Bannon LynottFrank B. Lynott

Beloved husband, brother, father, grandfather, mentor and friend.

(December 14, 1921 - May 26, 2015)

"Large as life itself" comes pretty close to summing up Frank Bannon Lynott. Frank's love of life allowed him to live it to the fullest, and he did.

He was one of the early "Angel" investors in post-WW II Seattle; a pioneer aviator turned serial entrepreneur whose business savvy and natural leadership helped develop the Northwest, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Frank lived life according to his own moral code, one that was founded on integrity and being true to oneself. His deep understanding and appreciation for the essence of life allowed him to live it to the fullest and take nothing for granted. He lived every day fully present and completely immersed in the wonderment of life; driven by his desire to contribute to the greater good and help make the world a better place.

Frank was a visionary with natural confidence and courage. He understood the privilege and responsibility of power and influence, traits that made him a trusted and respected leader.

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Frank’s Final Farewell

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Larry Lynott